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Over the years, this ebook has been enhanced with additional research to offer a comprehensive appraisal of the Japanese foreclosed property market, as well as offering economic and industry analysis. The author travels to Japan regularly to keep abreast of the local market conditions, and has purchased several foreclosed properties, as well as bidding on others. Japan is one of the few markets offering high-yielding property investment opportunities. Contrary to the 'rural depopulation' scepticism, the urban centres are growing, and they have always been a magnet for expatriates in Asia. Japan is a place where expats, investors (big or small) can make highly profitable real estate investments. Japan is a large market, with a plethora of cheap properties up for tender by the courts. Few other Western nations offer such cheap property so close to major infrastructure. Japan is unique in this respect, and it offers such a different life experience, which also makes it special. There is a plethora of property is depopulating rural areas, however there are fortnightly tenders offering plenty of property in Japan's cities as well. I bought a dormitory 1hr from Tokyo for just $US30,000.
You can view foreclosed properties listed for as little as $US10,000 in Japan thanks to depopulation and a culture that is geared towards working for the state. I bought foreclosed properties in Japan and now I reveal all in our expanded 350+page report. The information you need to know, strategies to apply, where to get help, and the tools to use. We even help you avoid the tsunami and nuclear risks since I was a geologist/mining finance analyst in a past life. Check out the "feedback" in our blog for stories of success by customers of our previous reports.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Payments: SheldonThinks Accepts All Major Credit Cards

SheldonThinks eBook Payment Process:

1. Choose eBooks from SheldonThinks Online Store.
2. Click on Checkout - Ecrater Store.
3. Enter customer details.
4. Choose "Paypal" as Payment Option. Paypal gateway allows credit card payments directly, even without a paypal account.
5. Once you enter the paypal gateway (see photo on the left), click on CONTINUE on the left side of the screen, near the images of major credit cards.

Andrew Sheldon www.sheldonthinks.com

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Work & ski holiday in Hokkaido

Just an idea but rather than just skiing in Hokkaido for a period, why not buy a house and ski whilst you are renovating it. Maybe you can advertise the property online for temporary accommodation. In fact I will make this offer. If enough people want to offer their foreclosed property as holiday rentals, or offer free rentals in exchange for fixing a place up, I will provide a dedicated site and a link from my related websites.
This is actually an old business idea of mine that I never followed through on because I broke up with my ex-Japanese GF. Basically the idea is to offer a network of foreclosed properties for short term holiday stays around Japan, which people can stay in for variable periods. I was intending to get an old lady in the local village to clean and manage the keys. The intent was also to compliment my rural based services with capsule hotel facilities in the cities. The idea was that people come to Japan for 1-3 weeks and stay in my accommodation at 3-5 different locations. This makes a lot of sense if you can offer could directions and they make use of the Japan Rail pass. The JR Pass offers unlimited Japan Rail travel for $300-500 for 1-3 weeks. The service would be particularly attractive to people wanting to join the scheme.
Let me know if anyone is interested.
Andrew Sheldon www.sheldonthinks.com

Ski accommodation in Hokkaido

Here is skiing accommodation in Hokkaido, right on the snowfields, and its selling on a minimum bid basis of just Y0.792 million. You might think the minimum bid price is far from what the property will actually sell for. But with respect - I think you would not be appreciating the market dynamics which are uniquely Japanese. I bought my property at just Y100,000 above minimu finding properties that mostly Japanese buyers won't buy. Its very much an issue of PURCHASING STRATEGY. Japanese people have lost interest in skiing. This creates opportunities for foreigners to buy property cheaply. Even closer to Tokyo. The idea of going skiing is 'so 1980s'. Only the most adventurous students would likely arrange an overnight staym. The secret is away. Few Japanese are fitness orientated, and certainly few go skiing seasonally, or for any length of time.
Looking at the photos we can see this property is in pretty good condition. The owner appears to have backed the car into his wall, but otherwise the building is in good condition. The kitchen & bathroom are very clean. The outside building appearance reminds me of a 'Thunderbirds' module - but maybe I'm just showing my age. Ground floor is basically parking space, upstairs is the living area. It really is a design suited to ski accommodation. As you can see from the topography map, the house is close to a skifield. This house is 125m2 x 2 = 250m2 in area, and it occupies a square 180m2 lot in a quiet valley.

Andrew Sheldon www.sheldonthinks.com

Ski accommodation in Sapporo

A number of you will be aware of the growing popularity of Japanese properties close to world-class skifields. A few years ago the focus was on the Niseko Ski Resort area south of Sapporo. Apart from skiing, the northern island of Hokkaido offers some superb scenic beauty. Its one of the few places in Japan where you get a sence of space to which Americans, Canadians and Australians are accustomed. Foreigners have been paying Y30+ million for resort properties in the resort areas. But you can get them as cheap as Y0.8mil.
You can live on the snow, or you might prefer a place in Sapporo, the largest city, and provincial capital. The city has an international airport as well. The attraction is the good quality snow in these areas. These properties make particular sense of expats living in Asia.
This house is 3-storey, with an area of 135m2, and the lot area is 115m2. The house is getting a little old, and the exterior is a little cracked up, but nothing bad from the photos. The interior is clean, though a little '70s with its drab timber cladding. Its about 1.6-2.5km from train lines, so not too remote.
Andrew Sheldon www.sheldonthinks.com

Bargain house in Kyoto

This house in Kyoto strikes me as a bargain. The quality is similar to a place we bought in Saitama. Its a very small lot of land 108m2, whilst the house floor area is 83m2. This place is perfect as a holiday house because the garden is easy to maintain. You might think the neighbours are so close, but this is also the same as our place. People are so quiet in Japan. There is kind of a 'social pressure' to conform. So everyone feels guilty playing music. Even the pets are repressed. This place is offered at just Y880,000 minimum bid. No joke! I dare say its well outside of Kyoto, and some mountainside subdivision. But I swear you will love it if there are any

probably heaven for mountain bikin sporting activities in the area. Itsg. I was biking whilst I was fixing up our place in Saitama. You can always sell it off or better still rent it in the market after you fix it. Like our place, this place just needs a cleaning and paint job. Maybe a new stove. Very cheap to prepare this place for rental. It would rent for Y55-60,000 per month no problem. My god, thats an incredible return on investment. Thats probably because its so far from the train station, say 10-12km, and 30-40mins from Kyoto by train. Its not as steep as some of the subdivisions I've seen in West Tokyo and Saitama.
Andrew Sheldon www.sheldonthinks.com

Ski accommodation in Niigata anyone

Anyone interested in skiing or a holiday house in the countryside. This is a very large house in Niigata, some 180m2. Very large I guess for a holiday house. This place is however situated on the side of a mountain, and is very close to a river. The property is offered at a minimum bid price of just Y1.42million. Wow! For what is a very modern looking house. And its in very good condition as well. The bathroom always provides a good clue to how well the property has been treated. Aside from the very large house you also get a good size property by Japanese standards some 620m2. Being a corner block should add to your privacy. It appears to be a very idyllic location looking at the map. Its likely rice padis. Looks like a great area for mountain biking. Might even be a ski resort in the area.
I dont think I've ever seen such a clean bathroom. It looks like they freshly renovated for the new owner.
Andrew Sheldon www.sheldonthinks.com

Major cities of Japan

資料:各都市の推計人口(ホームページ) Japan's major cities:
札幌市 Sapporo 仙台市 Sendai さいたま市 Saitama 千葉市 Chiba
東京都区部 Tokyo-23 横浜市 Yokohama 川崎市 Kawasaki 新潟市 Niigata 静岡市 Shizuoka 浜松市 Hamamatsu 名古屋市 Nagoya 京都市 Kyoto 大阪市 Osaka 堺市 Sakai 神戸市 Kobe 広島市 Hiroshima 北九州市 Kitakyushu 福岡市 Fukuoka

Cities and towns of Tokyo

競売物件購入 keibai buttsuken kounyu 千代田区 Chiyoda-ku 八王子市 Hachioji-shi 羽村市 Hamura-shi 中央区 Chuo-ku 立川市 Tachikawa-shi あきる野市 Akiruno-shi 港区 Minato-ku 武蔵野市 Musashino-shi 西東京市 Nishitokyo-shi 新宿区 Shinjuku-ku 三鷹市 Mitaka-shi 文京区 Bunkyo-ku 青梅市 Ome-shi 郡部 Towns and villages 台東区 Taito-ku 府中市 Fuchu-shi 瑞穂町 Mizuho-machi
墨田区 Sumida-ku 昭島市 Akishima-shi 日の出町 Hinode-machi 江東区 Koto-ku 調布市 Chofu-shi 檜原村 Hinohara-mura 品川区 Shinagawa-ku 町田市 Machida-shi 奥多摩町 Okutama-machi 目黒区 Meguro-ku 小金井市 Koganei-shi 大田区 Ota-ku 小平市 Kodaira-shi 島部 Islands 世田谷区 Setagaya-ku 日野市 Hino-shi 大島町 Oshima-machi 渋谷区 Shibuya-ku 東村山市 Higashimurayama-shi 利島村 Toshima-mura
中野区 Nakano-ku 国分寺市 Kokubunji-shi 新島村 Niijima-mura 杉並区 Suginami-ku 国立市 Kunitachi-shi 神津島村 Kouzushima-mura 豊島区 Toshima-ku 福生市 Fussa-shi 三宅村 Miyake-mura 北区 Kita-ku 狛江市 Komae-shi 御蔵島村 Mikurajima-mura 荒川区 Arakawa-ku 東大和市 Higashiyamato-shi 八丈町 Hachijo-machi 板橋区 Itabashi-ku 清瀬市 Kiyose-shi 青ケ島村 Aogashima-mura 練馬区 Nerima-ku 東久留米市 Higashikurume-shi 小笠原村 Ogasawara-mura 足立区 Adachi-ku 武蔵村山市 Musashimurayama-shi 葛飾区 Katsushika-ku 多摩市 Tama-shi 江戸川区 Edogawa-ku 稲城市 Inagi-shi

Cities & Towns of Saitama

競売物件購入 keibai buttsuken kounyu 西区 Nishi-ku 北区 Kita-ku 大宮区 Omiya-ku 見沼区 Minuma-ku 中央区 Chuo-ku 桜区 Sakura-ku 浦和区 Urawa-ku 南区 Minami-ku 緑区 Midori-ku Cities (-shi) さいたま市 Saitama-shi 川越市 Kawagoe-shi 熊谷市 Kumagaya-shi 川口市 Kawaguchi-shi 行田市 Gyoda-shi 秩父市 Chichibu-shi 所沢市 Tokorozawa-shi 飯能市 Hanno-shi 加須市 Kazo-shi 本庄市 Honjo-shi 東松山市 Higashi-Matsuyama-shi 岩槻市 Iwatski-shi 春日部市 Kasukabe-shi 狭山市 Sayama-shi 羽生市 Hanyu-shi 鴻巣市 Kounosu-shi 深谷市 Fukaya-shi 上尾市 Ageo-shi 草加市 Souka-shi 越谷市 Koshigaya-shi 蕨 市 Warabi-shi 戸田市 Toda-shi 入間市 Iruma-shi 鳩ケ谷市 Hatogaya-shi 朝霞市 Asaka-shi 志木市 Shiki-shi 和光市 Wako-shi 新座市 Niiza-shi 桶川市 Okegawa-shi 久喜市 Kuki-shi 北本市 Kitamoto-shi 八潮市 Yasio-shi 富士見市 Fujimi-shi 上福岡市 Kami-fukuoka-shi 三郷市 Misato-shi 蓮田市 Hasuda-shi 坂戸市 Sakado-shi 幸手市 Satte-shi 鶴ケ島市 Tsurogashima-shi 日高市 Hidaka-shi 吉川市 Yoshikawa-shi 北足立郡 Districts (-gun) 伊奈町 Ina-machi or ko 吹上町 Fukiage-machi 大井町 Oi-machi 三芳町 Miyoshi-machi 毛呂山町 Moroyama-machi 越生町 Ogose-machi 名栗村 Naguri-mura

Cities &Towns of Kanagawa

競売物件購入 keibai buttsuken kounyu 県計 市部計 郡部計 横浜市 鶴見区 神奈川区 西区 中区 南区 港南区 保土ヶ谷区 旭区 磯子区 金沢区 港北区 緑区 青葉区 都筑区 戸塚区 栄区 泉区 瀬谷区 川崎市 川崎区 幸区 中原区 高津区 宮前区 多摩区 麻生区 横須賀市 平塚市 鎌倉市 藤沢市 小田原市 茅ヶ崎市 逗子市 相模原市 三浦市 秦野市 厚木市 大和市 伊勢原市 海老名市 座間市 南足柄市 綾瀬市 三浦郡葉山町 高座郡寒川町 中郡 大磯町 二宮町 足柄上郡 中井町 大井町 松田町 山北町 開成町 足柄下郡 箱根町 真鶴町 湯河原町 愛甲郡 愛川町 清川村

Cities & Towns of Chiba

競売物件購入 keibai buttsuken kounyu 県計 市計 郡計 千葉市 中央区 花見川区 稲毛区 若葉区 緑区 美浜区 銚子市 市川市 船橋市 館山市 木更津市 松戸市 野田市 佐原市 茂原市 成田市 佐倉市 東金市 八日市場市 旭市 習志野市 柏市 勝浦市 市原市 流山市 八千代市 我孫子市 鴨川市 鎌ヶ谷市 君津市 富津市 浦安市 四街道市 袖ケ浦市 八街市 印西市 白井市 富里市

Cities & Towns of Osaka

競売物件購入 keibai buttsuken kounyu 総 数 府 保 健 所 計 池 田 池田市 豊能町  箕面市  能勢町  豊中豊中市  吹 田 吹田市 茨木摂津市  茨木市 島本町 枚方枚方市  寝屋川 寝屋川市 守口 守口市  門真市 四條畷 四條畷市 交野市  大東市 八 尾 八尾市  柏原市  藤井寺 松原市  羽曳野市 藤井寺市 富田林 大阪狭山市 富田林市 河内長野市 河南町  太子町  千早赤阪村 和泉和泉市  泉大津市 高石市  忠岡町  岸和田 岸和田市 貝塚市  泉佐野 泉佐野市 熊取町 田尻町  泉南市  阪南市  岬町 大 阪 市 堺市 高槻市 東大阪市  

Cities & Towns of Hiroshima

競売物件購入 keibai buttsuken kounyu 県計 広島市 広島市中区 広島市東区 広島市南区 広島市西区 広島市安佐南区 広島市安佐北区 広島市安芸区 広島市佐伯区 呉市 竹原市 三原市 尾道市 福山市 府中市 三次市 庄原市 大竹市 東広島市 廿日市市 安芸高田市 江田島市 府中町 海田町 熊野町 坂町 安芸太田町 北広島町 大崎上島町 世羅町 神石高原町